Ipanema (pronounced EE-PAH-NEE-MAH) flip flops and sandals are created and made in Brazil by Grendene alongside our sibling brands Rider, Grendha and Zaxy. Established in 2001 and sold in 95 countries, Ipanema was launched in the US in 2011. Every season we stretch the boundaries of what you think a flip flop is, striving to be unabashedly fun, feminine and contemporary.The Ipanema collection is created by Grendene in our design studios located in the south of Brazil. Grendene is one of the worlds largest footwear manufactures in the world. Grendene employs 20,000 people and produces 250 million pairs per year.

The Ipanema girl is confidently sexy, contemporary and cosmopolitan, but she lives at the beach so she also loves to be fun, girly and casual. The iconic design found on Ipanema beach’s sidewalk is used in the molded textures of nearly all of our footbeds and straps. (see photo )Ipanema’s sandal collection perfectly embodies Rio’s fashion-savvy and unpretentious lifestyle: sophisticated yet simple, stylish yet subtle.

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