Ryka has been innovating athletic footwear exclusively for women for over 25 years. From the shape of her foot to the angle of her stride, Ryka understands that women require more than just a downsized version of a men's athletic shoe. Ryka's designs integrate athletic technologies into one of the most researched, women-specific lasts in the industry. They fit the shape of a women's foot perfectly with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume and a more secure foot bed. Ryka delivers the most value in its price-point using top-end technologies with very fashionable uppers. The CSS (Comfort Surround System) in all Ryka shoes aim to surround the foot in comfort. The construction includes soft materials throughout, along with extra cushioning in the foot bed and a lightweight, flexible bottom for ultimate comfort. Ryka’s commitment to women is visible not only in the design of our footwear but in promoting an active lifestyle, extending to promote women’s highest aspirations. At Ryka, they believe in an active, inspired and balanced life for all women.

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