Once upon a time, there were dress shoes and there were sneakers. And that was it. But that’s not how life works. What about everything in between? Drawing on generations of shoemaking experience, Rockport is able to merge the comfort of athletic shoes with the smart, sophisticated look of dress and casual styles. With over 45 years of serving customers in more than 60 countries, we like to their efforts have certainly paid off. At Rockport, they do both. They scrutinize every line and nuance of their shoes, from first sketch to final product. They’re dedicated to more than mere aesthetics, and their commitment goes far beyond their drive to innovate. They spend countless hours poring over every detail, because, ultimately, it's not about them, or the shoes. It's about their customers. Over the years, they have walked side by side with the people who wear their shoes, getting to know them, their hopes, dreams and needs, inside and out.

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