Trend Marketing is established, created by an alliance between Larry Gladstone and Jim McGuigan. Their vision; becoming the largest wholesale distributor of fashion footwear in Canada.
Shai Burstein joins the team. With his MBA from Western University, his experience helped improve logistics and distribution channels. In this partnership, Trend Marketing was able to provide better service and react quicker to the needs of its retail customers.
A sales office and showroom opens in Mississauga to house all the brands under one roof. The 8,000 square foot space includes offices, boardrooms, and individually designed and merchandised showrooms that embody the brand that lives in each space.
Trend Marketing upgraded to its first stand-alone distribution centre.
To support local demand, a Montreal office is opened to strategically drive business in the Quebec retail market.
Computer systems are updated to improve the sales, logistics and shipping process.
With e-commerce exploding, Trend Marketing initiaties drop ship program with national partners.
As the brand portfolio grew, so did the need for more space to house the inventory. Additional warehouse space is added to offer more than 100,000 square feet of space
Trend Marketing joins the e-commerce landscape with its first branded website vincecamuto.ca
RLM was adopted as the ERP system for Trend Marketing. This system supports inventory management, sales order management, invoicing and accounting
RLM is enhanced with the WMS module which implements scan to receive, scan to put away and scan picking
Trend further expands into the Men’s and Seasonal landscape while acquiring additional showroom space in Toronto and Montreal.
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